Great Student Loan Schemes in Pakistan 2013-2014

The banks in Pakistan has started the great student loan schemes in year 2013-2014. The students, who are willing to get higher education and not managing their college expenses can get the student loan from the banks by submitting an application form for student loan schemes.

The Federal Finance Minister had taken the step for the welfare of students by announcing the Student Loan Schemes (SLS) in collaboration with the commercial banks in Pakistan. The following banks are providing the loans to the students to manage their study finance. The following banks are providing the student financing in Pakistan with best policies and relaxation rules.

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

United Bank Limited (UBL)

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

Allied Bank Limited (ABL)

These loans are totally interest free, and the students only have to pay the original amount of debt. The loans are provided to the talented and meritorious students of Pakistani colleges, schools and universities. The students from the scientific, commerce and technical departments can avail the opportunities of student loan by submitting their student loan application form to the above mentioned banks.

Learning with earning is a purely difficult task, so there are three ways to manage your school, college or university expenses as a student. You can borrow money from friends or relatives or banks, or you have to do a part time job along with your studies. Then you will be able to pay your school, university or college fee. So banks have given you the facility of interest free loans.

Great Student Loan Schemes

Pakistani banks have invited the applications from the needy students for the session 2013-2014 for mark-up free students loan. The students who are pursuing their graduation, post graduation, Ph.D or M.Phil are very much appreciated in submitting their student loan applications through the student loan schemes. Only the students studying the approved subjects can apply for this loaning opportunity. Here is a list of approved subject, on which banks are granting the great student loans in Pakistan.

  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Oil Gas & Petro-Chemical¬† Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • Mathematics
  • Other Natural Sciences
  • DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence
  • (LL.B/LL.M Sharia)
  • Computer Science/Information
  • System and Technology including hardware.
  • Economics, Statistics and Econometrics
  • Business Management Sciences
  • Commerce

The students / candidates, who have secured the good reputation and more than 70% marks in their last public examination and meet with the other eligibility criteria as per Student Loan Schemes, are eligible to get a interest free student loan in Pakistan. They can submit their loan application form supported by the other required documents in the banks to obtain a college loan or university loan.

You must also keep in mind the last date for submission of application, as the applications submitted after the due date will not be considered for the loan approval. You must also keep in view the banking funds, as without their availability the students loans will not be issued. If you doesn’t comply with the eligibility criteria for getting a student loan, you must not submit your application form in the banks. If you are influencing the student loan sanctioning committee or Student Loan Wing of the bank, you will be disqualified and your application will be rejected.

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is fast enough to provide the student loan to the student of schools, colleges and universities. If you are student and need a student loan, you must go to the nearest bank branch and obtain the application form. You must complete the student loan application form with all of your eligibility criteria, subjects, approved institutions and other details. You can also go to the official website of NBP to obtain the application form for student loan. When the loan is sanctioned on your account, you must think about the repayment.

National Bank of Pakistan and Habib bank Limited have started the great student loan schemes in Pakistan, where students are applying and getting loan to meet their school, college, university and other educational expenses.

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